Religion - Deities

People on Ethar worship any of a number of deities. Religion and spirituality has always been important to the people and their societies. There are no race-specific gods. Individuals from each race worship whichever god most fits their ideology. I will likely create some information about each deities and his or her respective churches, followers, and holidays, but that might be a while since it’s not likely to be needed immediately. If you’d like information about a specific deity in the meantime, however, please let me know.

Major Deities of the Old World

Hammad – God of Justice, Order, Law
Stridos – God of Battle, Warfare, Victory
Luneis – Goddess of Nature, Agriculture, Medicine
Paceis – Goddess of Peace, Goodness
Jaladine – Goddess of Strife, Chaos, Murder

Intermediate Deities of the Old World

Effibelle – Goddess of Wealth, Commerce, Greed
Oberon – God of Games, Luck, Fate
Graylier – God of Knowledge, Academics, Science
Yulan – God of Creation, Forge, the Arts
Nea – Goddess of Love, Protection, Family
Aman – God of Souls, Rebirth, Despair
Camaline – Goddess of Wisdom, Inspiration, Insight
Felia – Goddess of Sickness, Disease, Healing
Tyril – God of Storms, Wind, Weather
Agramar – God of Pain, Torture, Endurance

Religion - Deities

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