Adventure 001

Welcome to Foundation Colony

The players arrived at Foundation Colony aboard the Ashford’s Elbow after a three month journey. It is late fall, right before winter. Once off the ship, they are escorted to a warehouse where they are given their orientation by Constable O’Dottemer, the chief law enforcement officer of the settlement.

Afterward they were given a tour of the settlement. After some free time (in which Flej attempted to “seduce” Helene, a local craftswoman), they were they led to the public house for the evening meal.

The characters were then released to their tents to sleep. Oskin attempted to leave the settlement at night, but was spotted by one of the guards. He was, however, able to learn most of the guard’s patrol pattern for future attempts to flee.

The following morning, the characters awaked by a dog barking (River – the blackish-gray mastiff). At breakfast, they were involved in a scuffle with some other colonists, including one who was a former Imperial soldier. Constable O’Dottemer reiterated that being a former member of the Imperial military is not a crime. After breakfast, they were given their first scouting assignment. They were told to explore to the northwest. They were given five days, even though the minimum time necessary to properly explore the area assigned is six days.

During the cold and rain-soaked trek outward from the colony, the characters encountered a band of Goblins. After cleverly dispatching with both the Goblin hunting band and the remaining clan at their cave, the characters discovered some interesting native treasure, including a small ornamental dagger, an ornate box with some strange marking and folded up white clothes, some black and red gemstones, a single coin (it might have been two), and a skull with arcane symbols on it.

The characters rest for the night in the Goblin cave. The following day, they continue their journey. The following day is uneventful: just more cold and wet. The following day they arrive at the bend in the river that marks the beginning of where they are supposed to scout. Oskin uses his ranger abilities to scout and view the surrounding area.

That night, the characters’ camp is surrounded by the Ellia’Aliel Tribe of the Moon Elves. The Elves do not speak, but attempt to communicate with the characters empathically. Most of the characters are able to make a mental link, but Oskin for some reason was unsuccessful. The characters determine that the Elves are not hostile. They are curious about the strangers and are interested in their items back. Luniska returns the knife, the box, and the cloths. The Elves are satisfied with the characters and give them three blue gemstones in return.

After their initial scouting, the characters begin their return trip. Oskin again uses his rangerisms to find a quicker path through the forest and back to camp. On the way, they come across an unusual arrangement of rocks, which turns out to be the ruins of an ancient building. They explore inside, only to set off a trap that lowers the entire floor below ground. They go into the underside of the build and locate what appears to be an ancient shrine of some sort.
As they approach, Oskin’s tattoo begins to burn intensely. An illusionary elf-like woman appears on a dais toward the rear of the room. Along the back wall are two weapons sticking into the wall. The woman begins speaking a language that the characters do not understand:

Oota singa bentar? Bentar oota singhalla-esti et timbre deh et Synaed
Pyr bentar singana deh emi paeista.
Teit! Teit o bentar singuestna-estee et timbre.

Eventually, as the characters continue speaking to her in a (consistent) language that they know, she adapts and begins to speak in a way that they understand. She recites the following:

“I do not recognize your tongues or dialects. You are not of my people and not from this land. You are fortunate that you have survived to find me, but that fortune is short-lived. Those that destroyed my people will find you. They will find you, and they will either kill you, or they will enslave you. Be gone from this place, from this land, and return to your homes. There is no safety for you here.”

When questioned, the image refuses answers:

“I am not bound to answer. My people are dead. My friends are dead. My God is dead. They are all dead.”

The image did refer to Luniska as “cousin.”

Finally, the image speaks the following cryptic, yet harrowing warning:

I can offer you no solace. Sorrow awaits: One that runs, will guide others to doom. One that fights, will suffer peace. One that seeks, will die with the finding. One that craves, will remain unsated. One that is marked will reveal the truth, to the despair of all.

The characters are then able to free the two weapons from the wall and escape from the basement back on the surface. They continue their journey uneventfully back to Foundation, where they expect some sort confrontation from the constabulary because of their tardiness.


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