Flej's 1st Letter: A Whole New World

Code: 2014-12-27

Dear King Skullsmasher,

This is your son, Prince Captain Flej Skullsmasher. I hope my letter makes its way across THE GREAT SEA and into your hands. I want you to know what I have done with my life and thus I will write you these letters. We never met, but my grandparents taught me all about the ANCIENT ORC TRADITIONS of HONOR and, even though you murdered my mother, I know you only did so because she had betrayed you and stolen me away. I think the two of us should work together for the GLORY of all races.

YEAR 883, MONTH 9, DAY 17
I arrived at the Coalition of Independent Nations (COIN) colony in THE NEW WORLD. During the voyage I met some good people, including LUNISKA BALLINETH (a human paladin who feels she has a destiny calling her), CALIA ERIS (a human cleric who doesn’t talk much), and OSKIN KELDER (a dwarf ranger who has a rebellious attitude).

Our ship was the 3rd or 4th group to be sent out, with the 1st wave of ships having left about 1 year prior. Of our 3 ship convoy, we were the only ones to make it. I think 1 had a mutiny and the other sank.

The settlement is ruled by a mage governor named Harador. Lady Smythe is an admin who keeps the place organized. Francis O’Dottemer is the mean constable who enforces horrible rules and imprisons the people here. His rules consist of (1) work; (2) no stealing, no murder, no leaving without permission; and (3) society works best with order. The society is composed of mostly humans and elves with some dwarves and a few gnomes.

There are 4 “scout” parties that are clearly special forces units. Each 1 wears a different arm band. My grandparents were sectioned off from me to go live with the merchant-class people while I am being forced to sleep in a tent with my fellow “scout” class workers.

I noticed no children are here so this society is doomed unless we take immediate action. I began courting a basket-weaver named HELLENE and intend to begin repopulating this village as soon as she will allow me too. I am encouraging the other men to do the same, with other women of course.

DAY 18
Some of my friends heard rumors of tribal elves living in the forests. A fight broke out at breakfast. I defended the weaker man and stopped the fight. The constable seemed angry that I had to do his job for him. The RED ARM BAND unit laughed at us; a local hero named Digby who fought off some goblins is part of that team. My friends helped smooth over the situation. Our team was assigned WHITE ARM BANDS and included not only the friends I mentioned but also a human fighter named Ari Edverd and a human rogue named Josephus.

We have been given a mission to go fill in a map with instructions to head north for 3 days and then return. They want us back in 5 days; they are bad at math.

We spent the day traveling. I am sleeping in a tree.

DAY 19
It rained a lot today. We killed 4 goblins and then 12 more. We had boar for dinner after finding some odd items in the goblin cave. I am sleeping in a tree again.

DAY 20
We spent the day traveling and filling in a map. When it was sleeping time, a group of mysterious elves appeared in the forest. We could not understand each other’s languages, but they had mind-speaking powers. We tried that, mostly unsuccessfully, but did return the items from the goblin cave to them. That seemed to please them and they finally went away so I could sleep in a tree.

DAY 21
On the way back to the colony, Kelder came up with a faster way and we found some ruins. The ruins had a trap that brought us down 40’ into the ground to some nice tunnels with some strange ancient society’s magical message left behind. The magical message lady was elf-like but not an elf. We taught her our common language and she answered some questions, but basically just warned us to leave this place or we would all be killed like her ancient society was back in the day. I was not frightened, but rather happy to get a powerful magical greatsword while our paladin took the magic longsword from the same wall. We then continued on our way back to the village and I slept in a tree.

DAY 22
We continued back toward the village. I slept in another tree.

DAY 23
We are arriving back at the village. I have a feeling we will be in “trouble” with the people who run this place. I will drop off this letter first and then find out what happens next.

May the GREAT BEAR SPIRIT be forever with you,


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