Flej's 2nd Letter: Unbroken

Code: 2015-01-17


This is your son FLEJ again. Continuing Year 883, Month 9, Day 23: We debriefed back at the camp. I visited with my grandparents and Hellene. I slept in my Special Forces Unit tent with Oskin. I decided to name my magic greatsword “Wally” since I took him from a wall.

Day 24
A strong storm destroyed much of the colony village. We did our best to save people, but 24 people died and many of the supplies were lost. We helped collect as much as we could and I even cut down more trees to help with the rebuilding. In the evening, we were called to a Special Forces meeting and given a new assignment to go inland for 2 weeks to find a potential place to move the colony and to seek out any potential dangers. We found out Oskin saw a “spirit woman” during the storm. Perhaps she knows the GREAT BEAR SPIRIT.

Days 25-29
We adventured and mapped our way. We eventually found mountains and fought 2 Ankhegs. Josephus, our rogue, died. We slept in a temporary shelter in the mountain.

Day 30
Traveling through the mountains, we were ambushed by 2 ogres. After we killed them, I spotted 6 more coming so we went into a magical cave with an illusion wall leading into it. I gave the group a strategic plan to use the entrance as a choke point so that we only had to fight 1 ogre at a time. We killed them all and then rested for a few hours. A magical stinking cloud trap hit us and we moved further into the cave, which ended up having weird tunnels that made no sense. There were poison dart traps. Oskin was separated from us by a magical wall of force and a pit trap. I went down into the pit and discovered a tunnel with dark elves. They knocked me out, took all of my stuff, and kept me as a prisoner, alone in a cell. They tried to torture me, but it didn’t work. I can only assume my friends made it out alive or are also prisoners.

Month 10: Days 1-27
They kept trying to torture me and failing. Eventually, a female dark elf tried interrogating me and failed when I intimidated her and identified myself. She claimed orcs don’t have kings or princes. Clearly you need to come here and teach her to respect the orc bloodline.

Days 28-30
More days passed sleeping in the cell. Two dark elf guards escorted me to a room where they tried to chop off my head. I was naked but I managed to get one of their magic short swords coated in poison and I killed the one who still had a sword. As I did so, three moon elves (1 female and 2 male) came to back me up. I like these moon elves. I now have two magic shortswords, which is nice. I’m hoping to reunite with my adventuring group, but I’m fine with living with these moon elves as well. I need to come up with names for my new swords.

Heir to the SKULLSMASHER Throne
Former Captain of the Imperial Infantry
Adventurer Extraordinaire


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